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Don’t miss this opportunity to import the best quality of new crop mazafati dates in 2021?

  • we offer high quality all kind of pitted and unpitted dried and fresh dates such as Mazafati(Kimia),Kabkab,Sayer dates prepared in fully equipped dates factory and available in cold storage which located Kerman(Bam) Provinces
  • we have all food safety certificates such as Halal, ISO22000 and all of documnts for safe custom clreance
  • Buying Mazafati (Kimia) dates from a key firsthand exporter and supplier of dates in Iran &Emirates
  • Various types of custom made packing with our brand and white label: 500 grm, 600 grm, 700 grm
  • We provide all dates in DDP(delivered duty paid) term
  • Payments possible in customers' currencies and in their countries and Issuance of commercial documents in Emirates & Iran ( optional)
  • to get more acquainted with our factory please click here to see our video in youtube Click here
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