wellcome to fardatrade

wellcome to farda trade

Iranian kiwi 2024

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Iranian kiwi 2024

exporting Iranian kiwi require approve from health ministry of Iran, we are connecting with approved packing facility by specific QR CODE TO SEND KIWI:

  1. Sourcing and Quality Control: Fardatrade would likely source kiwi fruits from reputable growers in Iran known for producing high-quality produce. Rigorous quality control measures would be implemented to ensure that only the best kiwis meet export standards.
  2. Packaging and Preservation: Kiwi fruits would be carefully sorted, graded, and packaged to maintain freshness and quality during transportation. Specialized packaging materials, such as ventilated crates or foam trays, may be used to protect the fruits from damage.
  3. Logistics and Transportation: Fardatrade would coordinate logistics and transportation, including selecting the most suitable mode of transport (such as air or sea freight) and arranging for timely delivery to international markets. Temperature-controlled storage and transportation facilities may be used to preserve the kiwis’ freshness.
  4. Compliance and Documentation: Fardatrade would ensure compliance with export regulations and obtain necessary documentation, including phytosanitary certificates, certificates of origin, and shipping invoices. This documentation is crucial for clearing customs in importing countries.
  5. Market Access and Distribution: Fardatrade would establish market access in target countries by identifying potential buyers, distributors, or retailers interested in Iranian kiwi fruits. Building relationships with importers and adhering to import regulations are essential for successful distribution.
  6. Customer Satisfaction: Fardatrade would prioritize customer satisfaction by offering competitive pricing, reliable delivery, and consistent quality. Feedback from customers would be monitored and addressed to maintain long-term relationships and enhance the company’s reputation.

Overall, exporting Iranian kiwi fruits would require careful planning, attention to quality control, and compliance with international trade regulations. Fardatrade’s experience and expertise in exporting agricultural products would be essential for successfully navigating the complexities of the export process.

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